SIKM Leaders Community Guidelines - further details are in the Blueprint and Annex.

  1. This is a global community of knowledge management (KM) practitioners. It is open to everyone with an interest in KM.
  2. Our goals are to share experiences and insights on implementing knowledge management and to provide answers to all questions in a helpful and timely manner.
  3. No anonymous or ambiguous members are allowed, and only one membership per individual is allowed.
  4. To make a new post, click on New Topic in the left menu. When replying to an existing post, don't change the topic. Start a new one instead.
  5. Try to keep posts short, to the point, and as practical as possible. Posts should be about knowledge management, not political or religious opinions.
  6. Diverse opinions are welcomed if expressed in a respectful and collaborative manner. Instead of saying "You're wrong" or similar words, say "I have a different view."
  7. Be aware of your tone, don't mansplain, try not to be condescending, and avoid acting like a know-it-all. Use the same tone you would use when talking to your manager or a client.
  8. Members are encouraged to share KM-related job openings and details on their own availability for employment in the field.
  9. Posts should be personal, relevant, and not advertisements or spam. Rather than suggesting private calls or sending content via personal email, share directly in the community.
  10. Members should not send messages that are duplicates of those distributed through other channels, or regular blog posts. Instead, post one-time invitations to join or subscribe.

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