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Our members have written articles or have been featured in recent issues of Inside Knowledge Magazine.  Jerry Ash has had articles published in every issue.  And the following articles appeared in the October and December/January issues.


Masterclass: Social-network analysis

“So now what?” is the big question following a network analysis. Youve done the planning, got the stakeholders engaged, decided what questions to ask, completed the survey and the analysis and you have some interesting results to review. In and of itself, youve just completed a great deal of work, but in the overall scheme of things youve just started a process that is intended to move an organisation or set of organisations from a current state of connectedness to a state of improved connectivity and awareness of the importance of being connected.

Practical examples of how different leadership and KM practices improve overall connectivity in an organisation. By Patti Anklam

Case study: Ford

Use of 6-Sigma and other quality-improvement programmes are very prevalent. What is rare is a robust business process to replicate quality-improvement practices across all business units of an enterprise. To tackle this challenge, what is needed is a proven process to capture, share, and fully leverage any and all quality improvements that occur in remote corners of an enterprise.

Applying KM to improve quality - Best-practice replication at Ford enhances quality-improvement practices and encourages collaborative working. By Sanjay Swarup

Cover story: Knowledge in action

A major international science and technology company is currently engaged in a change-management process that will transform the company. Kent Greenes, senior vice president and chief knowledge officer (CKO) at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), was originally hired by SAIC as a rainmaker in the KM consulting market, but now is the lead change-management strategist under the companys first new CEO since the organisation was founded in 1969.

Using KM lessons learnt to transform business processes at SAIC. By Jerry Ash

The knowledge: Bruce Karney

When Lew Platt, former CEO at HP said, “If only HP knew what HP knows” he succinctly described the aspirations of many organisations taking their first steps in knowledge management. Recognising that the companys continued success relied on its employees knowledge of its markets, products and customers, HP started to design and implement processes and tools to help its people connect, collaborate and learn.

Mixing his knowledge of industrial engineering, marketing, change management and technology, Sandra Higgison finds out how Bruce Karney has created and delivered KM tools and processes to help staff across HP perform their jobs more effectively.


Cover story: Capture and re-use

The subject of knowledge capture and re-use has always created tension in the knowledge-management (KM) community because it carries visions of IT-driven knowledge repositories, choking with documents that are difficult to find and lacking in relevance to the searcher. Hewlett-Packard, however, may have cracked it. Jerry Ash reports.

Hewlett-Packards Engagement KM initiative balances people, process and technology. By Jerry Ash

Case study: Aon - Practice makes perfect

Informal communities have existed within Aon for years, but in 2000 the company decided to implement a more structured approach to community development. By Sarah Adams

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