Re: Migration from Confluence to Microsoft 365 #SharePoint

Martin Cleaver

Do people here have experience that SharePoint is now less expensive than Confluence? I find this surprising.

Is the cost of staff necessary to run the two platforms being factored in?

I get that Confluence Cloud has seen price increases but Atlassian tends to be cost conscious especially vs other major players.

Thanks, Martin

On Fri., May 20, 2022, 12:20 a.m. Robert L. Bogue, <rbogue@...> wrote:

I’ve helped customers transition from Confluence to SharePoint.  It’s really a lot about what you make of it.  I’m happy to answer questions.





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Hi Eugene,

your points are absolutely right. The reason that we want to investigate alternative solutions has to do with cost savings.
The functionalities of SharePoint vs Confluence  and the user experience are something that really concerns me.
It would be great if there was someone that could talk about his/her experience in using the SharePoint as Knowledge Management System.

Thank you for your answer, really appreciated.

My best,

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