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Dear All,

Thought I could express in different words again. Here is my try....

We have a many groups supporting technology operations & at this point would like to improve on domain knowledge capabilities/competency.

As Al Simard suggests, its a wonderful idea to collate information from experts, formulate training programs & disseminate through various collaborative techniques. But the experts are not easily accessible. Given this scenario, may be alternative is to build domain capabilities through secondary research (from internet) as the key source & may be other means.
For which any methodology/framework would help, such that it could be a focused effort to build niche competency.

I understand its vague requirement/thought, but guess most of us are living with the same fact!


"Albert Simard"
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08/05/2008 07:25 PM

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Re: [sikmleaders] Framework/Methodology to build niche domain        capabilities

Srinivas -

I don't necessarily have a methodology or process framework, but I've used KM techniques (group dialogue, collaboration) to extract tacit knowledge from groups of experts to generate systems models for knowledge services and model development.  The former is published; the latter is still under way.
Al Simard
Al Simard

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