Re: Interview with Stan Garfield (insights on CoPs) #video #CoP

John Hovell

Love it, thanks Dan, George Mason University has a long standing ODKM masters as well -


On Jun 24, 2022, at 12:31 PM, Dan Ranta <danieleranta@...> wrote:

All - this morning I had the opportunity to interview Stan Garfield.  Video Link: Stan sharing insights on CoPs (39 minutes).  Along with several SIKM members, Stan and I are on the Advisory Board of Kent State's Graduate KM Program.  If I am not mistaken, there are two graduate level KM programs in the U.S. - Kent State and Columbia.  There may be more outside the U.S., I am not sure.  Kent offers a 30-hour KM graduate program as well as an 18-hour KM certification program.

I am currently teaching a community course at Kent State as an Adjunct Professor and Stan graciously agreed to share his insights on CoPs.  

Thanks again Stan for your time.

What do you think about Stan's insights?  


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