Re: Rebels, Coalitions, and Communities - How does one find like minded folks? #CoP

Robert M. Taylor

Hmm, "like-minded" and "with similar interests" are different. I guess we all on here have a similar interest ... in KM (similar, not identical). But we don't need to agree, and we don't need to have similar temperaments either. 
Isn't it the complaint that feeding you more of the same from people who think like you is what the 'echo chamber' of social media does?
But it's validating and good for your mental health, I think, to have some association with people where you 'get' each other, isn't it?
I find being vocal and visible and pinning your flag to whatever mast will flush out the people who are interested, and/or who are like you. They'll find you quietly and open up that they actually agree with you.

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