Re: Intranet Consultants? #intranet #consulting


Hi Rory,

The first question is which generation does your present intranet belong to? First generation - brochure ware, second - partly process orientated or third process savvy.
The second question is who is the owner? Communications, IT or business
And the third question: where you want to end up with the update.

Only then the technology will play a role.


Dr. Pavel Kraus
President SKMF


Hi. Our IT team are considering an update of our intranet, and wondered who would be good to talk to to get a feel for the state of the art?
The word "intranet" conjures up stale publishing pages, but a modern intranet is probably deeply linked into tools such as Teams etc to achieve more interesting and alive governance.  
Does anyone have recommendations of folks to talk to, who can help shape a brief?


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