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Stan Garfield

Jean-Claude Monney and I had a good chat today. One of the things we discussed was the latest technology trends in KM.  I have written about this (e.g., What are the trends in KM, and what does the future hold?), as have others (e.g., 17 Hot KM Trends for 2022 by Tim Eisenhauer).  Relevant SIKM discussions can be found at #state-of-KM and #tools.

In my post (written in 2017) I listed these ten trends:
  1. Digital workplace and digital transformation
  2. Working Out Loud (WOL) and narrating your work
  3. Community management
  4. Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI)
  5. Analytics and business intelligence
  6. Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)
  7. Chat tools such as Slack
  8. Gamification and digital badging
  9. Agile methodology
  10. Mobile apps and bring your own device (BYOD)

I would like your help in starting a discussion.  Please reply with your lists, links, and thoughts on this.  Thanks!

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