Job search: Data Scientist leading Data and Knowledge Management (Remote/Hybrid) #jobs


Dear community members,


My open data project has just finished and I am looking for new opportunities.


I am a data scientist leading knowledge management on data-driven software services, and managing teams implementing market intelligence and innovation projects globally. If you have budget for only one person to build, fix or manage your organisation knowledge and data management process, including technology and psychosociology, then I can do that for you.


I have lead national open data infrastructure development projects globally, with a special focus on Africa, with national government and intergovernmental organisations, like the World Bank. While at the Open Knowledge Foundation, I led the development team for CKAN which is the most popular open source data publication platform, and at GE Healthcare I developed and led implementation of their $1.2 million integrated global enterprise market knowledge and data management system. I am a contributor to the SIKM global knowledge management leaders forum, including speaking on data probity in knowledge management.


I have a genuine commitment to the ethical use of data and technology, and of the critical importance of knowledge discoverability in social and economic development.


I have dual British/South African citizenship, a French carte de sejour, and I speak English, Afrikaans and am learning French.


My CV (pdf):!Ahf3lolNNvOlnMl0iL-mTWDZl2lTZQ?e=SvGRdg



Summary profile:


  • Knowledge management, research & technology for development leadership:
    • Collaboratively engaging global stakeholders in project commissioning, planning & implementation,
    • Leading knowledge management & open data innovation to support information discovery,
    • Effectively communicating complex information in workshops, presentations and written reports.
  • Project & team management:
    • Recruiting, managing, and collaborating with globally distributed & diverse teams of 2 to 200 people,
    • Leading individual and organisation change management, professional development, & mentorship,
    • Ensuring appropriate project management, including Agile and/or Scrum methodology.
  • Innovative data, software & product development:
    • Synthesizing ambiguous briefs into development roadmaps, through to prototyping, build & launch,
    • Researching and developing information sources, and ensuring ethical and auditable data curation,
    • Coding in Python & JavaScript/TypeScript, analysis with Numpy & Pandas, visualisation in Matplotlib & D3, storage in PostGIS & Neo4j, apps in FastAPI/Django & Nuxt/Vue, plus Git/GitHub & Docker.


Please contact me direct, and you are welcome to forward my details as well.


Thanks and regards




Gavin Chait



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