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Jennilyn Wiley


I was planning to use Taguette ( for my personal research but AU Libraries ended up purchasing NVivo. At this point, it is still the one I would try if I needed to go the free/open source route. I have heard from others who used Taguette that it works well when you have multiple users coding in the same project.

I am also linking to my LibGuide on NVivo. If you go to "Alternatives to NVivo," there are links to a number of evaluations of various CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software) packages that may help. When I taught NVivo in a bootcamp for graduate students, I got a lot of questions as to the various options out there so I had to familiarize myself with them. Hope this helps:

Jennilyn Wiley
Auburn University
Assistant Professor/Business & Economics Librarian

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