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We include KM as one of the 12 courses in our MBA program at RMIT University (Melbourne Australia).  RMIT also facilitates PhD and Doctorate programs in Project management and several of the candidates have had a strong Knowledge management emphasis in them.


Andre Saito is probably your best contact.  He was completing a PhD at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology on post graduate KM courses, 4 of them PhD and 40 masters level courses.  He summarised postgraduate courses and classified the courses into themes of Strategy, Information, Human and Computing.  I have not been on contact for about 18 months, but his email at the time was



Another interesting experiment about to start is an on-line collaborative “KM course” facilitated by George Siemens at the University of Manitoba. See:


Sounds like you are doing some interesting research, is it part of a larger program or just personal interests? 


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I’d appreciate any information, suggestions, recommendations for universities (US and other) that offer PhDs in knowledge management.







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