Graduate schools for KM? #learning

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Several years ago, Michael Sutton compiled a report of about 30 pages
about graduate programs in KM. I know it is out of date, but he may be
willing to share it; I know you are both on LinkedIn.

I am in the final stages of a PhD program at Fielding Graduate
University in a concentration they call "Information Society and
Knowledge Organizations." There is enough flexibility to make that any
variation on KM that would interest a scholar practitioner. Alex
Bennet and Juanita Brown are two of the graduates.

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See The Knowledge Management Education Wiki at
<> and in our
Member list
ting%20%20SI%20KM%20Leaders%20%20-%20Member%20List.doc> in the Files
folder under Universities. We also have some members who are currently
pursuing their degrees, and I invite them to reply with details.


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I'd appreciate any information, suggestions, recommendations for
universities (US and other) that offer PhDs in knowledge management.

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