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I would be happy to talk in detail about some for the initiatives we were
putting in place before I left Cadbury Schweppes. I have remained in touch
with them on a regular basis and whilst they have slowed a little because of
the restructures going on, they are still active.

Before going public with the details on these I would like to verify with CS
it is OK to share more widely - not my program to give away any more:)
However, if Bob wants to make contact with me directly I can discuss some of
the things we were doing whilst I gat the approval for my former leaders.
Best regards


Arthur Shelley
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Hi all.

I met Bob Wendover of the Center for Generational Studies at the APQC
KM meeting in Chicago recently and was very interested in his thoughts
on the communication breakdown between older and younger generational
cultures at the point of departing/arriving knowledge.

I have commissioned him to write a special feature for Inside Knowledge
magazine on "Sharing Departing Knowledge in Ways that will Appeal to
the Emerging Generations." Clearly, the incoming/outgoing communication
and cultural gaps are a major problem. How do you get the revolving
generations to respect one another and share/accept knowledge transfer?

Bob has just now asked me if I am aware of any organizations that are
actively practicing the following (or other) methods that he might be
able to access to ask about their methods, challenges and successes:

1. An exploration of how the characteristics of the knowledge being
transferred impacts the delivery methods and reception of younger
workers. These include the type of knowledge, the relevance of the
knowledge, the passion for the topic, the communication style of the
present knowledge holder, and so on.

2. An exploration of platforms and methods for transferring the
knowledge in an appealing way to young workers including wikis,
podcasts, self-directed training sessions, games, and so on.

If you would like to discuss it here, that would be great. If not, and
some of you have some thoughts, please contact me back channel:


Jerry Ash

Jerry Ash
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