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Ben, would be interested to know if they validated that the links actually exist, and that the content created reflects what’s in those references (if they exist).



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I showed it to my two boys last night. They’re 16 and 14 and we got a kick out of making it create poems about random things.


My 16 year old signed up for the service and immediately asked Chatgpt to write an essay on the ethics of taking cells from a person without their consent for medical research. The response was appropriately generic and relatively well done.


He then asked it to write an essay on the story of Henrietta Lacxs with quotes and citations from the novel,  The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks. The result was impressive.


My son  particularly appreciated the quotes selected from the book and how Chatgpt leveraged the quotes for evidence of the essay’s position. “I won’t have to figure out which quotes to use from books anymore” he said with a gleam in his eye.


Kids these days -




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Dear KMers,


Any thoughts on chatgpt? Seems to be the hottest topic right now. What might it imply for knowledge management and discovery? Or learning?



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