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> How do we think AI could be used right now to help out with doing KM work? 

I think it is excellent for spelling and grammar correction. This is important in OCR scanning of printed work.


The challenge, however, is in disposing of any notions that Large Language Models (LLMs) are in any way, shape, or form comparing their results to any objective facts (e.g. even cross-referencing with Wikipedia). They’re regression models, meaning they predict the next word or phrase based on the average of what its training text indicates is most likely. This leads to very reasonable-sounding, but made-up, work.


I would love to use them to do literature reviews, summarising a large body of digital texts into a single, cross-referenced (and referenced) report, but they’re as likely to make up things, including spurious references, as they are to include real reference text. Eventually, some future version will also validate the accuracy of the work, and then it will be helpful for these sorts of analyses but – until then – stick to using it for OCR correction.



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On Fri, Dec 9, 2022 at 01:02 PM, Tom Short wrote:

How do we think AI could be used right now to help out with doing KM work? 

AND - can we even begin to imagine how it might be used in the (near) future??C

Tom's query might have slipped through the cracks. What are your thoughts?

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