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Douglas Weidner

Dear Martin, Tim, Murray, et al,

KMI's Instructor John Hovell, besides teaching our CKM Workshop, also teaches a Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) course on Knowledge Transfer and Retention (KT&R).

It is a perfected technique with outstanding 'Critical Knowledge' transfer results.  It was originally developed for retiring experts in the defense industry, but has been expanded outside DoD and for even more general K Transfer, but I'll let him, as the expert, describe it.

In the meantime, you can visit our web site ( to see a description.

Best New Year wishes.
Douglas Weidner
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Exec Chairman, KM Institute.

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I did a paper on knowledge loss risk in 2014 (attached) and the basis for this paper was retirements. I was working with a defense contractor and we were trying to develop a suite of tools to assist in capturing knowledge and facilitate knowledge transfer. The paper outlines one of the tools as we determined the key issue was figuring out when people were retiring or leaving (leaving is much tougher to determine) and outlines a process for determining who has critical knowledge and how soon they may be leaving, then lists a number of approaches for capturing their knowledge based on the length of the time frame available. I've used the tool, not sure if anyone else has. I'm currently working on modifying the tool using lessons from the new norm of COVID....murray jennex

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Dear Martin,
I recently had a client ask me a similar question – which is an excellent one, given the wave of retirements many organizations currently face.  Here’s a summary of my recommendations to them, which may give you some ideas – though you have already hit on some of my points:
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Dear KMers
I am looking for an example of a large company anywhere in the world having an outstanding knowledge transfer practice concerning retiring experts and key people.
I have several examples of companies with excellent "social" practices like removing these people from operations one or two years before their departure and turning them into teachers and professors with the help of the KM department. That is what Airbus did a few years back, and that we copied at Framatome. I also have numerous examples of such people hired back as consultants after their departure. But I have no example whatsoever of a company having consciously leveraged technology to organize the community of its expert alumni, with the objective:
·         to maintain ongoing exchanges
·         to hire them as subject matter expert to give a mastercourse
·         to keep them in the loop of some of its projects as project reviewers, 
·         to invite them as occasional guests in its online or face-to-face workshops, 
·         to use them as contributors on some defined groups on its collaboration platforms
·         etc. 
along with the associated legal, technical and economic framework.
If you have any name or contact, including in the web3 space (who knows?), I would appreciate you letting me know.
Many thanks and happy new year again!
Best Regards
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