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Dave Snowden

It is interesting - saw something similar in NASA
The approach focuses on structure and curation rather than scalability of narrative (other than by tacit transfer)

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On 7 Jan 2023, at 14:32, Chris Collison <chris.collison@...> wrote:

Hi Bart,
Building on Nick and Rupert’s points re ROCK, here is a 20 min video interviewwith Carla Newman, a one-time ROCK interviewer at Shell. Worth a watch – courtesy of a roundtable event organised Patrick Lambe‘s Straits Knowledge.

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Bart, as I understand it, the outputs of the ROCK process are used to update the Shell "body of knowledge" (Shell wiki, processes, training etc)
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Martin and Rupert,
I believe the ROCK program was done for retiring experts. In their last 3-4 years, they get more time for knowledge sharing (and thus less project work). 
They were then interviewed by a few young (potential) employees from different departments (R&D; marketing; etc). 
The written reports of these interviews are stored, but mostly the 'stories' lived on in the young employees.
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Op za 7 jan. 2023 om 06:51 schreef RupertLescott <rupertlescott@...>:
Hi Martin,
The Oil Major, Royal Dutch Shell has the ‘Retention of Critical Knowledge’ (ROCK) programme, whereby staff are interviewed every 5 or so years after a certain tenure.
Also, Dorothy Leonard has done a lot of work in this area; look her up and say hi from me if you make contact.

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