Re: The AI view of KM #AI #art-of-KM

Robert M. Taylor

I read linguistics and AI and spent a very brief time working on computer understanding of language, my God, more than 35 years ago before I realised it wasn't for me. I mean, I know it's funny sometimes, but I'm in total awe as to what has so far been achieved when you consider the difficulties. Turing Test? Well, they're at least as smart as Dan Quayle when he was VP of the USA as far as I can see.
But seriously, there are many, many real-life situations where we accept at least the same degree of lack of understanding - think of almost any customer experience you've had with a retailer.
As for Searle's Chinese Room, once they start talking to each other there will be dialogue, yes, and probably decisions and actions flowing from that, but could anyone claim there would be any understanding at all going on?

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