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Peter-Anthony GLick <peteraglick@...>

Hello Srinivas
I am not sure that what you mean by "culture specific".  I am known (in the KM circles) to be a fervent prominent of cultural change as a prerequisite to effective K sharing, but I would not go so far as to identify culture specific initiatives.  A heap of initiatives can contribute to a corporate culture change but there prime objective will be to promote/incentivize K sharing & collaboration, with the cultural change being a by-product of the overall combination of these initiatives.
The first thing I should say is that for a K sharing culture to emerge (and it will take time) you need the organisation (its top mngt) to consider this objective as strategic.  I do not believe in the effectiveness of bottom-up approaches.  It might work at a team/departmental level but not at an organizational level.  
the other thing is that you need the leaders to lead by example.  They need to show that they share their own knowledge and seek their collaborators' K.  The CEO's blog (with true interactivity with the staff) can be a very effective initiative to kick off a culture change.
As for a useful resource, check my blog on and the posts about culture. I do link to other useful sources.

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