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Here are a few tactics which I've been associated with:

Use the KM main page as a communications channel from the top down.
This approach gives employees incentive if they want to find out what's
going on in an organization. It helps build the habit of using the site.

Make using the site a requirement in the performance planning process.
Instruct employees to register, create a profile, store documentation
or work products, and ask questions. Assess usage prior to performance
evaluation for your measurement needs.

Put the tools and resources an organization currently uses within the
KM site. This "forces" usage. Don't repeat the resources of other sites
or tools as you may cannibalize your site or another org site.

Hold contests- Works for an initial launch or a short term boost.

Solicit feedback. Ask a "Question of the Week" from employees and
present the results unedited. Follow up with new ideas and suggestions
if relevant.

Hope these Help

Mike Lipka

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Am pondering on if any culture specific initiatives that could
organization facilitating knowledge sharing.
Creating awareness through mails, presenting/sighting knowledge
examples in forums shall lead to transform the culture. But any other
ideas/initiative that have provided culture specific results?

Also, any resources/ideas regarding measurement techniques for
the culture transformation would help.

Thanks & Regards

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