Collaboration & Knowledge Capture within Technical Support Groups #call-center #collaboration #knowledge-capture

Gian Jagai

Hi All,

On an unrelated issue to my online group tool question.

Does anyone have any recommendations on solutions for customer support
teams to collaborate and capture solutions while in the process of
solving customer questions/issues?

We have call centers around the world that field questions from our
customers. I'd like to see us use a single tool that the support staff
spends their day in (i.e. no context switching between tools) that:
1. Captures the customer ticket/issue
2. Updates to the customer ticket/issue by level 1, 2 or 3 engineers
3. Allows customers to get an update online to their ticket
4. Allows for customer tickets to be routed to the right group after
the initial call
5. Allows the engineer to write up a summary on the solution attached
to the ticket that is then searchable by others for similar problems.

There's probably another 100 or so requirements and associated
solutions that one could come up with. I was hoping that this group
had some previous experiences that they could share to help me narrow
down the possible set of solutions.


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