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Our Knowledge Services group is developing a content strategy,
primarily for unstructured content, that will guide our initiatives
and work program over the next few years. We would be interested in
hearing from other organizations about their efforts in this area. We
would like our subject matter experts (SME) to collaborate and share
with their peers. If you are interested, please have your SME contact
Betsy Cogliano (, 781-271-7834). No need to reply all,
Betsy will make sure contact information among the responders is

Some background info to clarify the issue is included below.

Thanks in advance,
Marcie Zaharee

We have identified many facets of content that we think need to be
addressed in the strategy:
• Content creation and capture
• Findability
• Standards
• Quality/value
• Sensitivity/access control
• Information lifecycle
• Tools for tagging, managing, storing, etc.
• Types – Web content, Sharepoint lists, document libraries,
Wikis, Blogs, Listservs, etc.

And we have identified some areas that we think need to be addressed
• Understanding the capabilities of our new Content Management
System (Oracle)
• Where content is captured, stored
• A Corporate metadata strategy
• Using value to guide the strategy and the stewardship
• Findability – if it exists, can we find it?

We would be interested in hearing from others about their efforts in
this area. Do they have a content strategy? If so, seeing examples
would be great. If not, have they thought about these issues ? Have
they addressed them in some other way?

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