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Dear sswarup44

The International Knowledge Management Institute (KM Institute) has a
proven KM curriculum from KM Fundamentals (KM100 Series) for business
professionals seeking personal performance improvement in the Knowledge
Age, to Executive Briefings (KM300 Series), to Advanced KM Certification
Programs for KM Practitioners (KM400 and KM500 Series Programs and
eCKM(tm)). These courses are Blended Workshops, but they are being
converted into interactive video training for a all-e mode as well. Some
'e' modules will be available this Fall.

Also, this Fall, a much expanded offering of e-learning, business
competency enrichment courses will be offered, including such topics as
Leadership (25 courses), Executive Development (124 courses), Team
Building, Project Management, etc. Most are interactive video courses.

More on the KM Institute can be found at

Douglas Weidner, eCKM Mentor(tm)
Chairman, KM Institute

As part of our Employee Development Program, we are in the process of

reviewing and updating our list of KM learning resources for KM
newcomers as well as advanced KM practitioners.

1. We are curious about your approach to KM learning resources.

2. We would like to know your list of recommended KM learning

(Some of the proposed top 5-10 KM learning resources are listed in the
file that I have posted)


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