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Dear all,
    I've recently teamed up with Stephanie Barnes and Connie Crosby to put together a Toronto-based speaker series aimed at exploring and enhancing the world of the knowledge worker. 

Our talk events, Knowledge Workers Toronto, aim at the practices and management to benefit the needs of the worker, such that the worker, and consequently the organizations that hire them, can make sustained and best of their talents. Our aim is to bridge the insights of the worker, corporates and academics in a practical, lighthearted and informative way.  

We would appreciate if you would extend our invitation to those in your network who may wish to attend.

Regards and thanks,

PS. I also run Toronto Wiki Tuesdays, which has a similar format but is focused exclusively on the applications of the wiki paradigm, technologies and culture. More details about our past meetings can be found at and signed up at  
Martin Cleaver MSc MBA
Cell: 416-786-6752
Publicity chair,

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New Business Strategy and Networking Meetup Group!

Knowledge Workers Toronto 

Knowledge Workers ( are the primary drivers of business activity, with knowledge workers outnumbering non-knowledge workers 4 to 1. The term, defined as one who works primarily with information or one who develops and uses knowledge in the workplace, was coined by Peter Drucker in 1959.

Knowledge workers are faced with high levels of autonomy in their day-to-day work roles yet are expected to pull together en-masse with the rest of the workforce. To thrive in today's society Knowledge Workers need to be both information and technologically literate.

Come and meet other locals from all knowledge-intensive industries to discuss the goals, issues and opportunities facing knowledge management professionals. Share your experiences of issues and network across industry boundaries. 

This group's first Meetup is already scheduled!

January 28, 2009, Knowledge Worker Meeting, "Expertise Networking" Joel Alleyne — Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Organized by:
Stephanie Barnes, Martin Cleaver and Connie Crosby.


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