Looking for a Recommendation for social media consultant/coach/facilitator #social-media #consulting

Andrew Gent <ajgent@...>

Hi SIKMers,

The following request was sent out to another list. However, it seems to fit well within the interests and expertise of many within the SI KM area. Howard agreed and I am copying with his (and Stan's) approval for those of you who are not members of IAI.

If you are interested or have any suggestions, you can contact Howard McQueen directly at howard@... .

Andrew Gent

From: Howard McQueen <howard@...>
To: iai-members@...
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 12:32:07 PM
Subject: [Iai-Members] Recommendation for social media consultant/coach/facilitator

I am writing on behalf of a friend that works in Corporate Comm. for a Global Pharma business.  His leadership is asking him to rapidly spin-up and become the internal point person (in the US operations) for all things relating to Social Media.  He is looking to hire an external consultant/facilitator to bring into the US leadership group (NE US) to begin to make sense of opportunities, challenges, pilots ...
If anyone has recommendations or testimonials, or even pointers, these are appreciated.

Howard McQueen
USA: 912.596.3713
McQ:     http://www.mcq.com
Howard: http://www.mcq.com/howards-cv

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