Re: How to learn about KM #KM101 #definition #certification #periodicals #learning

Sathya Pandalai <spandalai@...>

There are many KM related graduate programs which would be useful

Kent State

This wiki site also have some good resources related to km education.


--- On Mon, 3/16/09, jean_graef wrote:
From: jean_graef
Subject: [sikmleaders] How to learn about KM
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Date: Monday, March 16, 2009, 5:40 PM

One of our Canadian members is looking to educate herself about knowledge management and would like to know the following:

-- Is KM certification a practical way to learn about KM and a good career move? If so, what are the top-rated programs?

-- What KM conferences do you recommend?

This person is more interested in the collaboration as opposed to the repository side of KM.

This list is a great resource in itself, but I wanted to give her other, more formalized sources as well.

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