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Hi Lee, Matt:

Recently for a client I extended a structured wiki to generate Value Network Analysis value maps based on the content.

A structured wiki gives each page not just a single textual pane, but rather a database record comprising fields conforming to a schema and presented to a user in a form. Being a wiki everyone can edit it.

I started with the methodology in mind: I first created the data structures needed to collect the data required and then proactively recreated the comparisons demanded by the methodology.

The joys of using the wiki instead of a excel sheet include 1) everyone knows where it is and can concurrently see and change it, 2) it is subject to content revision control 3) the iterations between the multiple authors improve content, alignment and trust 4) the content is programmatically accessible by other wiki based plugins. 

VNA comes with an analytics engine that helps users determine what decisions to make. My next step (providing I get another client who wants to get to the next level) would be to interface to it.

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Mucho interesting. There's a few things in there:
- Analytics without action are just pretty pictures & numbers. T Davenport notes that analytics needs to be tied to decisions - which is important.
- What decisions can network diagrams enable? (steady, Valdis)
- Can you share what the different networks look like (anonymised)?
- There's a tendency to just look at one network. How did the networks compare with each other?



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