SharePoint & Metadata Management #SharePoint #metadata

Matt Moore <laalgadger@...>

I am working on a Sharepoint intranet project and we're looking at metadata management - esp. tools that help with taxonomy mgt with SP 2007 - as the out of the box functionality is weak in this area.
Through TaxoCoP, we've identified the following products as potentially useful in this space:
- Kwizcom Sharepoint Tagging Feature
- SharePartXXL Taxonomy Extension
- Smartlogic Semaphore MOSS
- conceptClassifer for Sharepoint
- Synaptica
- Wordmap MOSS 2007 Taxonomy Connector
- SchemaLogic Connector for Sharepoint
- SchemaLogix MetaPoint
- ConnectBeam Spotlight
Does anyone have any experience with these products or are there others they might suggest?

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