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I have spent some time looking at SharePoint, managing large volumes of SharePoint content, and wanting to implement a better metadata management capability in SharePoint for EDS. What I wanted to do was implement a capability whereby across multiple site collections (around 200) containing 4 million documents we could manage metadata consistently (SharePoint columns).

There are tools on the market that can provide this sort of capability to a greater or lesser extent. The best tool I reviewed was SchemaLogic. The problem with it was the price.

Most other tools I looked at did not provide the ability to manage things consistently at the level we were wanting.

There was a discussion on this very topic in one of the Taxonomy groups recently and here is a post (from Stephanie Lemieux) that went out in that community:

Paul Wlodarczyk and I at Earley & Associates have been doing a lot of evaluation of Taxonomy/Metadata management tools for SharePoint, so let me offer a summary of the tools we know of:

Plugins to help with tagging (ie. do not help manage the metadata values):
Kwizcom: tagging plugin (http://www.kwizcom. com/ProductPage. asp?ProductID= 517&ProductSubNodeID= 518)

Plugins to help with tagging & metadata management:
SharePart XXL (http://www.sharepar products/ taxonomy/ default.aspx) (this tools calls itself a "taxonomy" extension, but it does not really solve the problem of hierarchy in SharePoint – so it is really just about metadata).

Taxonomy Management Tools with SharePoint Connectors:
(i.e. These tools manage the data structure outside SharePoint, so they enable true taxonomy)

Smartlogic (http://www.smartlog php/search- navigation- experience/ moss-edition)
Concept Searching (http://www.concepts earching. com/web/)
Synaptica (http://www.synaptic acentral. com/content/ synaptica- sharepoint- integration)
Wordmap (http://www.wordmap. com/wordmap_ search_integrati on_framework. asp)
SchemaLogic (http://www.schemalo s/by_platform/ sharepoint. php)

There are also some other metadata tagging tools, like Cogniva (www.cogniva. ca), Titus Labs (titus-labs. com),

Someone had mentioned Interse iBox, but were off the market as of December.
There also used to be a module called CMS.Rapid, but their site seems to be down and I haven't heard about them recently.

Personally what we did was create our own taxonomy tool capability (I am going to present on this to Montague associates session in July). The aim was simply to build a tool that allowed us to identify using the underlying URI which columns were Choice fields and be able to manage a taxonomy site in SharePoint that kept a list of the fields and their values. Then run a job on a nightly basis that would identify whether the site libaries and lists using the same underlying URI name were using the exact same metadata as the values defined on he taxonomy site. Producing a matching and non-matching list. We could then immediately identify those not matching the standard values and chase them up.

We also then had a seocnd part to the tool that could use the information on which columns were on what libraries and when a change occurred to a value, we could immedialtely cascade the change on to all the libraries and lists using that metadata value (and a further run would allow us to update any documents or list items that had those values).

Thus we could identify inconsistencies, chase them up, keep things accurate as changes were made. This is not a perfect solution (in order to work al sites need to use all the values in their metadata lists, or else managing changes becomes difficult) but it works for us.

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I am working on a Sharepoint intranet project and we're looking at metadata management - esp. tools that help with taxonomy mgt with SP 2007 - as the out of the box functionality is weak in this area.
Through TaxoCoP, we've identified the following products as potentially useful in this space:
- Kwizcom Sharepoint Tagging Feature
- SharePartXXL Taxonomy Extension
- Smartlogic Semaphore MOSS
- conceptClassifer for Sharepoint
- Synaptica
- Wordmap MOSS 2007 Taxonomy Connector
- SchemaLogic Connector for Sharepoint
- SchemaLogix MetaPoint
- ConnectBeam Spotlight
Does anyone have any experience with these products or are there others they might suggest?

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