June 2009 SIKM Call: Bill Kaplan - Managing the Risk of Knowledge Loss Due to Workforce Attrition #monthly-call #knowledge-retention

Tom Short <tman9999@...>

Today's call with Bill Kaplan was timely and interesting - nice presentation, Bill! Having left Gartner a month ago I've spent the last couple weeks regrouping and researching where the business world is these days with regard to this issue. Previous to Gartner my role with PG&E was as an internal consulting principal responsible for developing and implementing a risk mitigation strategy to address the aging workforce issue, so it is an area I have spent a good deal of time and energy working on.

In researching this topic now it appears that interest in it has grown a good bit in the year since I last looked at it closely. While it is still early days in my search for my next position, I am interested in discussing opportunities in consulting, either as an internal/staffer or external. If anyone has any leads or info on companies or firms that are interested in pursuing it I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further. I can bring to the table intellectual capital and experience as well as some ideas for business case development that could be used to build a new practice or support existing practice growth.

-Tom Short

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