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Jeevan Kamble

Dear Kate,

Interesting to see the FKH presentation. We are currently in the phase of Knowledge Harvesting. Current goal is to capture the existing content on to the portal. As i do agree FKH is a continuous process. Please can you put more light on "Facilitate Conversation". Is the conversation held in a one to one meeting/ interview (if yes..are we recording the sessions or putting the tacit knowledge on paper or word document). When you decide to perform Facilitate Conversation, in what format and procedure because challenge is to get the time from team for in the meeting room.

Most important how FKH is automated instead depending on some hand, though team has to work together but how do we sustain this as a inhibited org.. process activity.

I was guessing and Sure that we can perform Facilitated Conversation directly on wiki based collaborative tools...but again..monitoring the content and quality of the content to retain the tacit knowledge is a key.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.


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I am VERY interested in seeing this. Is this on the agenda for the July meeting?

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Murray -
I'm keen on seeing this! It sounds great.  As you might remember, Nancy Dixon and I have a "facilitated knowledge harvesting" process that gets the knowledge-brokers involved in the knowledge-elicitati on event (knowledge-brokers are those who carry knowledge into the organization) .  Both the brokers and the sponsors participate in the selection of the harvest, and it would be great to have some useful structures for helping them to prioritize different types of knowledge/types of knowledge originators.
Here's a quick overview of the facilitated knowledge harvesting process:
Thank you for sharing this!
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Nice presentation on the problem, I do have a process for assessing the risk of losing critical knowledge due to retirement, attrition, etc if anyone is interested.  The process has been piloted and seems to work as a way of identifying key individuals for focusing knowledge capture actions.  The process is under review at a journal but I do have a conference paper that can be shared and a presentation made to the Insurance industry if anyone is interested.. .murray
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TO: SIKM Leaders Community

This revised post contains the correct link for the recording.

Thanks to Bill for presenting and to those who participated. You can continue the discussion in the Yahoo! Group by replying to this thread.
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