Re: Any Experience Here with Virtual Agents/Chat Bots? #call-center #AI

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Good stuff guys - appreciate the responses.


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Keshav - I hadn't looked at demo of eGain virtual agent in a number of yrs.

The eGain virtual agent is using a case based reasoning engine from a
software startup called Big Science that eGain acquired in 2000. You can
also see it here as the underlying conversational
engine for Ramona ( Ray Kurzweil's alter ego ) with a LifeFX pretty face (
company is no longer around )

I was involved with Big Science, eGain and LifeFX ;)

- Steve

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Couple of year ago I had seen a demo of eGain virtual agent. I suppose
this is still available as on offering -
I had also seen one live deployment of this solution for one of the
Japaneese banks. As long as the questions are simple and clear the ChatBot
can answer correctly. You can checkout a demo on site accessible through a
link on th right side - "Chat with us".

Hope this info is helpful.
Keshav Rajgopal

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