Re: Knowledge capture and the retrieval of knowledge exchanged during conferences #conferences #tools #knowledge-capture

fmremski <fmremski@...>

This is a very interesting question and I am looking forward to reading others' feedback.

The challenges for knowledge capture in a meeting or event setting are somewhat unique. You need to avoid distracting speakers and participants with the task of facilitating the capture, but likely also need to keep the size of the capture small to minimize time spent on post-capture editing. It's not web 2.0, but I am a big fan of Camtasia Studio for rich, complex knowledge capture and would likely start with this tool. Capturing an interactive chat or blog session by several volunteers from the audiance might also be valuable.

Ultimately, stiching audio, video, screen shots, etc... back together into a "knowledge capsule" with metadate (bookmarks, keywords, references, et al) may be beyond current web 2.0 capabilities, but I reserve the right to be corrected! -Frank

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