Re: Knowledge capture and the retrieval of knowledge exchanged during conferences #conferences #tools #knowledge-capture

Tom Short <tman9999@...>

Apart from publishing a collection of the presentation decks that were presented, not sure what you had in mind.

Even then I have found very little residual value in the various binders full of powerpoint slides that I've collected - I have probably referred back to less than 1% of all slides amassed in binders over the years.

What knowledge are you thinking should be captured? Capture, imho, is for the most part a useless exercise. By analogy, have you ever tried to type up the notes that were put up on a whiteboard, along with any diagrams? How much residual use are those notes? How much use are they to someone who wasn't even in the room? Point is, any true "knowledge" that was generated during a conference was probably highly contextual, and sticky - the people who gave rise to it are probably the only ones who will have it a year from now, despite their efforts to capture or transmit it.

Just a thought.

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