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I'm conducting a quick look assessment to determine what collaborative tools can be used to improve both the knowledge capture and the retrieval of knowledge exchanged during conferences/meetings/corporate events, etc. Is anyone familiar with any recent studies on web 2.0 tool usage trends in these settings? Would you mind sharing what best practices exist in your own companies.
At most technology-themed conferences, numerous attendees use Twitter to capture and immediately disseminate key points the speaker or panel is making. Nearly all conferences define and publicize hashtags (i.e. #e2conf at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference held last month in Boston) that attendees can include in their tweets, so they may be grouped into a common index for both realtime and post-event retrieval. Some conferences have gone so far as to assign a specific, distinct hashtag to each session.

The same method could be used for any private meeting as well. The largest challenge is that Twitter does not retain tweets containing hashtags for more than 3 months, and often less. Individuals seeking to mine older tweets would have to rely on a second service, such as FriendFeed, that aggregates information from multiple services and archives it indefinitely (making it available for query much later.)

I hope this helps!


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