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Patrick Lambe

Many thanks to those of you who have taken our expertise survey... we are starting to see some interesting trends (though too early to draw firm conclusions). For example, at the moment it looks like gaining access to expertise in the organisation, or building experience and expertise in staff are more critical issues for respondents than knowledge retention and knowledge loss through restructuring or retirement.

It's still a small sample, at 70 respondents, so those of you haven't yet taken it who are interested in how expertise can be better managed, do take a few minutes to complete the survey at - when you finish the survey you will see a summary of the results so far, and the results URL will be constant so you can go back and visit any time before we close the survey and publish the results (copies will be sent to respondents).

You are also encouraged to contribute your own examples and stories at the project blog

Thanks again!


Patrick Lambe

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On Jun 15, 2009, at 10:13 AM, Patrick Lambe wrote:

Hi folks... apologies to those of you also on the actkm list for cross- 

Matt Moore and I have been working on an open research project to see 
if we can get some better insights into how expertise gets valued and 
leveraged in organisations. "Open" means all our data (anonymised) is 
published as we gather it, and we will make the final results 
available to the KM community for free. Links to the material 
collected so far given below.

Our first stage was narrative collection, and we've collected almost 
200 stories from many organisations and countries, posted on the 
project blog at (we're still 
collecting so do visit the site, add your own stories or comment on 

Since February we've been running sensemaking workshops on this 
narrative material to develop archetypes and theme statements. This 
material is being posted as we process it, on our project wiki at 
- these workshops are still continuing, and if you'd like to host 
one get in touch with me or Matt (

This process has started to throw up some interesting insights which 
we now want to test in a formal larger scale survey, and we'd be very 
grateful if you could help us by completing this at 
- in line with all our activities, you will be able to see the 
results so far as soon as you have taken the survey, and if you 
bookmark the results page you will be able to revisit it as the survey 

This project will run into 2010, and at some stage when we have enough 
coverage from the sensemaking workshops, I'm hoping we will be able to 
move this material into Dave Snowden's Sensemaker software for ongoing 
public access and research (thanks to Dave for the offer). At that 
point we will be starting to look at developing practical strategies 
to improve the way experience and expertise are
managed in organisations.

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