July 2009 SIKM Call: Steve Wieneke - Understanding our Hidden Diversity #monthly-call

Stan Garfield

Yesterday we held our 50th call.  Steve Wieneke presented on Understanding our Hidden Diversity. Here are Steve's slides.


Thanks to Steve for being the first member of SIKM Leaders to present for the third time.

Future Call Schedule

2009-08-18  Andrew Gent Sustainable KM  
2009-09-15 Nancy Settle-Murphy  Planning & Running Effective Remote Meetings  
2009-10-20 Lee Romero Communities and Community Metrics  
2009-11-17 Matt Moore Using Expertise  
2009-12-15 Rick Wallace KM, Organizational Learning, and Innovation  
2010-01-19 Steve Denning High-Performance Teams  
2010-02-16 Chris Johannessen KT: What KM and IT Have Become


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