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Carol H. Tucker

We use YAK and have found it a real time-saver when dealing with remote locations

On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 10:02 AM, John Hovell <jhovell@...> wrote:

Hi Bill -

We're using Yammer and an internal version of A-Space at ManTech International.  We also have a page on ManTechpedia that maintains a list of all the employees using Twitter (and their screen name, of course).  It has taken quite some time (from my early adopter perspective :)  ) to reach a tipping point, but we're getting to a point where the number of anecdotal successes seems to be growing.  As an recent example, we just had a new President/COO come on board and after his first 'all hands' (that physically happened at Corporate HQ) there was a flurry of conversation (on Yammer) around his vision, strategic direction(s), and the tactical approach - using Yammer was a great, informal way to quickly spread the message around the globe.

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At 12:35 AM 7/25/2009, Bill Dixon wrote:

Does anyone have any direct experience with Microblogging (Twitter, Yammer, etc) in a large enterprise?  Internally at EY, we are exploring the implementation of the corporate equivalent of Twitter.  Any success stories or lessons learned would be greatly appreciated.




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