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Yup, I agree with Dave - Yammer for all its touted benefits it is after all YET ANOTHER user interface, YET ANOTHER site, YET ANOTHER URL for people to remember and interact, and let me add YET ANOTHER site that we need to carve out time for in the already busy workday.


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We're really interested in using Yammer and have a few people on it

BUT, it's yet another user interface, another site, another URL for
people to remember and interact with!

It'd be great if someone would reverse-engineer the core functionality
into SharePoint so we can have micro-blogging functionality in the same
collaboration system...




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We have experimented with Yammer and also SocialCast. So far, no
formal support, but they have both seen quite a bit of use.

A recent blog post of interest on this topic (from Ray Sims):

Lee Romero

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