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Purpose - capture subject matter expert knowledge to teach others on laser-focused topics

Technique - Concept Maps (Novak, 1998) (

Outputs - see above

Outcome - to answer specific questions, the Cmap is very useful to convey complex information in a simple graphical format. We embed the Cmaps into slide presentations to deliver complex information in meetings. Effectiveness is pretty good compared to lots of bullets and words.

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I am interested in knowledge mapping exercises that organisations have engaged in (& apologies to Stan for cross-posting, there is a reason tho).

The key things I am after are:
- What the purpose behind the exercise was.
- What techniques were used.
- What the outputs looked like (obviously there may be confidentiality issues here).
- What was then done with the outputs & what impact they had.

I'm currently doing some work with a client who have different groups all producing things they call "knowledge maps". Each group are doing this for different reasons & using techniques - and hence getting different outputs.

While I encourage then to focus on the "why", it's tweaked my curiosity & I'd like to see other examples of these things.

I may produce a "knowledge map gallery/atlas" if I get sufficient responses (& obviously confidential responses won't go in that).



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