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We harvest knowledge in response to specific issue-based trigger questions.  The knowledge is harvested in the form of decisions made during focused discussions among a set of stakeholders.  The harvested knowledge is presented in the form of a map which records significant influence identified by stakeholders in the form of a "tree stucture."  The map is constructed entirely by the stakeholders as they compare ideas in a pairwise process.

The use:  Human systems design
The software: Cognisystem   (DOWNLOAD FREE at]
The design methodology:  Interactive Management / CogniScope / Structured Dialogic Design
The result:  Fourty years of successful application in broad range of user communities across the globe

Tom Flanagan
Director, SouthCoast Community Collaborative Design Studio
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"Risk Management Support for Multi Organization Initiatives"

SoCo Community Collaborative Design Studio is a project of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts.  Our mission is to build community capacity through the use of advanced collaborative design practices.  SoCoDesign is a resource for multi-organization planning and not a direct source of funds.

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"All democracy is local."

COURSE: Storytelling by Design at UMass Dartmouth

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