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Arthur Shelley

A knowledge map for me is a visualization of the location of and
interdependance of the knowledge in the organisation. This is useful
to understand what knowledge is core to hold within the business and
what can be more transient (or even "outsourced").

Perhaps the most significant value comes from understanding which core
knowledge is at risk and understanding what can be done to minimise
impacts of losing it.


On 25/08/2009, at 5:35, Valdis Krebs <> wrote:

Agree with Neil... so many definitions, so little agreement.

I have actually had my organizational/social network maps used as
knowledge maps -- when we map who goes to whom for expertise/
assistance/opinion on topic/domain X? We have done these maps by
product/service line and looked at various angles of knowledge
application: technical/installation/use -- who you go to for tech
assistance on product X may not be the same person who is
knowledgeable about the use of the product or it's installation process.

Also social network maps help define who *actually* shares their
knowledge... we find smart/experienced employees that do not allow
their knowledge to be "easily harvested" by management or colleagues.

Valdis Krebs

On Aug 24, 2009, at 12:22 PM, Neil Olonoff wrote:

Hi Matt –

Several years ago I spent some time researching the concept of
“knowledge maps,” and I reached the conclusion that there is no
definitive definition of the term, nor is there any common
understanding of what knowledge maps are intended to do.

The term sounds fascinating to me; I always felt that if a map
portrays the terrain, then a knowledge map must portray, and point
to, knowledge. But it seems everyone has a different idea of what
that might look like. For example the people who equate knowledge
map with mind maps or concept maps – I have trouble understanding
that particular use.

I would invite comments from others – what do you think a knowledge
map is, and does?



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On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 12:44 AM, Matt Moore
<> wrote:

I am interested in knowledge mapping exercises that organisations
have engaged in (& apologies to Stan for cross-posting, there is a
reason tho).

The key things I am after are:
- What the purpose behind the exercise was.
- What techniques were used.
- What the outputs looked like (obviously there may be
confidentiality issues here).
- What was then done with the outputs & what impact they had.

I'm currently doing some work with a client who have different
groups all producing things they call "knowledge maps". Each group
are doing this for different reasons & using techniques - and hence
getting different outputs.

While I encourage then to focus on the "why", it's tweaked my
curiosity & I'd like to see other examples of these things.

I may produce a "knowledge map gallery/atlas" if I get sufficient
responses (& obviously confidential responses won't go in that).



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