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Matt - a few years back a colleague and I were working with a large industrial client on developing a knowledge strategy. During this work we "invented" an approach we called 'knowledge process mapping.'

Purpose: identify an appropriate focus for KM by isolating a work process and process step within it that would benefit the most from the application of KM principles.

Technique: knowledge process mapping (described in Lesson 1, attached book chapter)

: see (described in Lesson 1, attached book chapter)

What was done with the outputs: the K process mapping activity pointed us to the area within the client's work processes that had the greatest potential to benefit from application of KM. This formed the basis for creating a business architecture map and implementation plans, which included establishing the new role of knowledge broker and building a tool kit for that role to enable expertise tracking/location as well as content retrieval.

Impact: Client quote one year after implementation began: "I laminated the architecture map we created and I carry it around with me daily. This will keep us busy for the next two to three years."  (diagram shown in Lesson 2, attached book chapter).

Keep us posted on your work on this - would be interested in seeing any final collection/summary.


-Tom Short
Tom Short Consulting
San Francisco, CA

--- In sikmleaders@..., Matt Moore wrote:

> The key things I am after are:
> - What the purpose behind the exercise was.
> - What techniques were used.
> - What the outputs looked like (obviously there may be confidentiality issues here).
> - What was then done with the outputs & what impact they had.

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