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I almost agree here. What is missing for me is the dynamic nature of knowledge and, importantly, reputation. At any giving point in time, the conclusions below are fine, but it is over time, where ratings and rankings are  really important. It is the notion of creating a reputation market. As we hear over and over (yet seem challenged to heed) KM is about connection not collection. Giant monoliths like Amazon and enterprise repositories of documents are information, not knowledge.  It is fine to rate cataloged, indexed and codified information, the documents, but really what's happening is an implicit ranking of the author and the derivative or derived future of their tacit knowledge and, very importantly, their capability and willingness to get it used, e.g., the social networks, persuasive skills, etc.. It is the dynamic of knowledge creation and use where rankings and ratings really are an advantage. Reputation and identity are social systems that need the attention of KM. Remember, for KM it is less about how it is managed (library science, database management) and far more about how it is created, used, applied. If the author is unavailable, then it the social network and conversation that emerges around the ranked document, such as a wiki, that carries the value forward. Information needs to be socialized to release value. Yahoo! Answers is an example of a crude reputation system/market. There are more on the horizon. 

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Points and Levels

To encourage participation and reward great answers, Yahoo! Answers has a system of points and levels. The number of points you get depends on the specific action you take. The points table below summarizes the point values for different actions. While you can't use points to buy or redeem anything, they do allow everyone to recognize how active and helpful you've been. (And they give you another excuse to brag to your friends.)
Points Table
Action Points
Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers One time: 100
Choose a best answer for your question 5
Put the answers to your question to a vote 5
Answer a question 2
Log in to Yahoo! Answers Once daily: 1
Vote for a best answer 1
Rate a best answer 1
Have your answer selected as the best answer 10
Receive a "thumbs-up" rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted) 1 per "thumbs-up"
Levels are another way to keep track of how active you (and others) have been. The more points you accumulate, the higher your level. Yahoo! Answers recognizes your level achievements with our special brand of thank you's!
There's also a color associated with the levels. These colors will have more meaning as Yahoo! Answers rolls out new features in the coming weeks, and you'll see how "sharing what you know" and "discovering something new" can be fun and rewarding.
Level Yahoo Answers! Thanks You's Colors Points
7 Be the first to find out! Black 25000+
6 Be the first to find out! Brown 10000 - 24,999
5 Be eligible to be a Featured User on the home page masthead. Purple 5,000 - 9,999
4 Be eligible to be a Featured User on the community editorial page. (coming soon!) Green 2,500-4,999
3 A super-special Yahoo! Answers thank you. Blue 1,000-2,499
2 A special Yahoo! Answers thank you. Yellow 250-999
1 Full access to Yahoo! Answers! White 0-249
And finally, as you attain higher levels, you'll also be able to contribute more to Yahoo! Answers - you can ask, answer, vote and rate more frequently.
Limits (per day) Level
Unlimited Questions, Answers, Votes & Ratings 5, 6, 7
40 each: Questions, Answers, Votes & Ratings 4
30 each: Questions, Answers, Votes & Ratings 3
20 each: Questions, Answers, Votes & Ratings 2
10 each: Questions, Answers, Votes & Ratings 1

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Hi all,

In Tuesday's call, I made a comment about why I don't think "Amazon-
style ratings" are an effective KM strategy. 

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