What does it take to vision the future? #vision

jimpmp2000 <jlee@...>

The following post regarding the future of Blockbuster is exactly the kind of phenomenon I was interested in duringĀ a Midwest KM meeting I attended a few months ago. At that gathering, we discussed a particular area of interest of mine. That is, what knowledge does it take to avoid becoming the next Oldsmobile, Montgomery-Ward, or Howard Johnson's.


One day you're on top of the world, and the next, you're tomorrow's bankruptcy news. What knowledge, if any, could have prevented this situation?

I don't think it's simply disruptive technologies, although that certainly must have been the case with Blockbuster's current difficulties. Even then, who (if any) were the ones who envisioned a monetized YouTube that might make Blockbuster obsolete?

Jim Lee

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