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Chris Riemer

Greetings, all -

Yes, that's what this is. I'm a long-time member of the SIKM list, although not a particularly active one. My partner and I have been trying to bring KM to small and medium-sized businesses since 2003, and it's been a struggle. It's hard to sell something when people aren't buying it. However, we've been pretty successful with other kinds of work, and also have a monthly newsletter that's absolutely free! Some of you are already subscribers. And we got so many positive comments on this month's issue I thought it was time to let everyone on the list know it was out there.

We keep it short and focused, and try to keep it interesting. You can read the current issue by visiting , scrolling down to GET IN TOUCH, and clicking on "signing up for our monthly newsletter.: If you like it, feel free to subscribe, or pass it on. Naturally, comments are welcome.



Chris Riemer

Knowledge Street LLC
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