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Diana Acsente

Hello Karen,

Think about the process that is involved first,  and then write the policy to cover any aspects and scenarios including possible behaviors. 
I am among those who believe that process comes first - the need to know of what gets done and by whom-  then procedures - the how things get done - and lastly policy to help communicate and institutionalize the new process. I have seen it done the other way around,and with that,  there is a much more exposure to compliance issues . 

I am an engineer, I hope that explains my logic :-) 

Best regards,


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The Librayr I work in is in the process of creating an email policy document. I am interested in finding out how your organisations handled this issue.

Did you create the document yourself, or was it written in collaboration with your IT Department?
Where they any areas of special interest that had to be covered in your document?
Did you find it necessary to amend the policy to include any unusual or new behaviour?
Would you be able to send me a copy of the document or the table on contents page for the document?

Karen P. Campbell
Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

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