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Mark Tilbury

Not sure if this answers the question but we use 'virtual' scouts within one of our Yammer community groups and physical scouts - thererole is to stage manage discussion and act as connectors for meetings withn their groups. Happy to expand further if interested. Also find out more at

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From: Mark
Subject: [sikmleaders] Peer Assists?
To: sikmleaders@...
Date: Friday, 26 March, 2010, 13:58


Peer Assists?? A Peer Assist can be organized in a workshop or meeting
form to gain knowledge and insight from people in other teams before
embarking on a project or activity where they have experience. Is there
anyone effectively utilizing this KM concept of the "peer assists" in
their organization as a process for preparation prior to projects or
activities? Seems to me this is a bit more focused than a roundtable and
the results are very beneficial to the "receiver" and the peers alike. I
would like to understand more about your approach and organizational
adoption from those who have effectively done this. Peer assist on peer

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