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Mark Preissler

Thanks Mark, your idea sounds interesting.. to clarify, I am looking to understand more regarding organizations utilizing the knowledge sharing technique of a peer assist in their day to day prject delivery processes (embedded in workflow and standards of executing projects). How something like this has been presented to leadership as a method for "getting better at what you do" by adding in the peer assist step prior to projects, engagememnts, etc.. do you think this knowledge sharing approach is more fitted to communities or within more organizational focused team structures? I like to think both but I am very interested in organizational (team) knowledge sharing aspects. e.g. if a national organization wanted to learn from its international peers on project approaches and best practices what would be the best approach for setting the stage for this that is a business oriented focused approach that they will "grasp on" to? I would be interested in different view points on this. Thanks..

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Not sure if this answers the question but we use 'virtual' scouts within one of our Yammer community groups and physical scouts - thererole is to stage manage discussion and act as connectors for meetings withn their groups. Happy to expand further if interested. Also find out more at

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Subject: [sikmleaders] Peer Assists?
Date: Friday, 26 March, 2010, 13:58


Peer Assists?? A Peer Assist can be organized in a workshop or meeting
form to gain knowledge and insight from people in other teams before
embarking on a project or activity where they have experience. Is there
anyone effectively utilizing this KM concept of the "peer assists" in
their organization as a process for preparation prior to projects or
activities? Seems to me this is a bit more focused than a roundtable and
the results are very beneficial to the "receiver" and the peers alike. I
would like to understand more about your approach and organizational
adoption from those who have effectively done this. Peer assist on peer

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