Re: Peer Assists? #peer-assist

Stan Garfield

Thanks to Mark P. for posting this question and to Mark T. and Allan for
responding. I would like to ask the other community members who have
used peer assists if they would also reply with a few words about how
they have used them and the results they experienced. Thanks a lot.

I am looking to understand more regarding organizations utilizing the
knowledge sharing
technique of a peer assist in their day to day project delivery
(embedded in workflow and standards of executing projects). How
like this has been presented to leadership as a method for "getting
at what you do" by adding in the peer assist step prior to projects,
engagements, etc. Do you think this knowledge sharing approach is more
fitted to communities or within more organizational focused team

I like to think both but I am very interested in organizational (team)
knowledge sharing aspects. e.g., if a national organization wanted to
from its international peers on project approaches and best practices,
would be the best approach for setting the stage for this, that is a
oriented focused approach, that they will "grasp on" to? I would be
interested in different view points on this.

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